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A Majestic Valentine's Day- review of Majestic Mirage Punta Cana

The Majestic properties in Punta Cana are made up of three separates yet very similar properties. The Majestic properties are a family owned property unlike some of the larger properties. The drive to the property is approximately 25 to 30 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport. The property is located north of the airport and is situated on Bavaro Beach.

Valentine’s Day weekend 2020 provided my wife and I the perfect opportunity to visit, tour and explore the properties. We chose to stay at the Majestic Mirage the newest of the three properties in Punta Cana. Unlike other properties in the area, the Majestic Properties are not timeshare affiliated so there are no sales pitches or pressure sessions when you arrive. The Mirage was opened in 2016 and is billed as the top product in Punta Cana. The Majestic properties have standard accommodations and have Club level accommodations like other resorts. At the Mirage however every room is a suite, either Family Club or Mirage Club. All rooms on the property is a suite and comes with your own private butler. This resort consists of seven separate building situated in a u-shape around the main pool areas. Two of the buildings are designated Family Club sections and the other five are Mirage Club adults only sections. You must be 18 years old to stay in the Mirage Club. For this trip, we selected the Mirage Club Sky View Room.

First Impressions:

Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted by the staff immediately upon exiting out transfer. There is a piano bar on one side of the lobby, a fountain down the middle and the butler station on the other side. From first impressions, the resort appeared to be very well maintained. The grounds were well cared for and the lobby was open and airy. The resort had an elegant feel to it and the initial service justified the resort rating.

Check in:

As we entered the resort the bellhops took our luggage and transferred it to our room while other staff took us into the Mirage Club Lounge to check in. This resort has two separate areas for checking in, the Mirage Club and the Family Club depending on which section of the hotel you stay in. The staff was very attentive and provided us with a selection snacks and a cool down to wipe off with. The lounge had an assortment of beverages including wine, juice, pop and water. Check in was smooth and took only a few minutes. We were then escorted to our room by our butler. Along the way he pointed out several different areas of the hotel including the restaurant locations. The lobby also is home to a second bar on the lower level near the restaurants.


This resort boasts 5 al a carte restaurant and two buffet style restaurants. It also offers room service at no additional charge all day. The a la carte restaurants consist of two venues that require a reservation, the Japanese and French restaurant, and three first come first serve dining, the Italian Restaurant, the Sports bar- which is 24/7, and the Steak House. The Italian and the French Restaurants also have dress codes that require men to wear long pants and a collared shirt. All three Majestic properties have the same dining venues with one exception. The Colonial property which is the oldest of the properties has a Mexican Restaurant instead of an Italian Restaurant. During our short stay on the property we attempted to try as many of the restaurants as possible. We had supper at the Steak house, the Italian, and the French Restaurant. We also had an opportunity to try the Mexican Restaurant at the Colonial the last night. For travel agents they allow you to cross properties for dining and bar service to try each of the properties. I found the service in each of the restaurants to be decent. The staff was attentive and assisted when needed. The quality of the food was average to above average. Depending on the type of food you are used to will depend on how you rate the food. As someone who does not dine at fine dining establishments, unless Applebee’s is fine dining, it was difficult to know what I was getting at times, especially the French and Italian Restaurants. The steak house offered quite a few different options for cuts of steak and side dishes. The food was good, but cold. We also dined at the two buffet style restaurants several different times. One of the restaurants is just off the lobby and the other is down by the beach. Both venues have lots of space and are easily accessible from the entire resort. The presentation of the desserts and food was immaculate. The quality of the food was excellent, and it provided a nice variety of food at each meal. As mentioned earlier we also ate at the Mexican restaurant at the Colonial. The food was fantastic, and the service was great. Our server that night had lots of energy and was very attentive. The differences between the two properties was evident.


The Majestic Mirage contains four different types of rooms: One Bedroom Suites, Sky View Suites, Swim Up Suites, and Oceanview Suites. As mentioned earlier, we stayed in the Sky View Suite. Our room faced in the interior of the property which was extremely nice. As you entered the room, you had a staircase leading up to the room top terrace on one side and the bathroom on the other side. The bathrooms include a double a sink between separate rooms for the shower and the toilet. The one thing I found odd on the property was that the toilet had a frosted glass door on it which provided limited privacy. This was true in all rooms, but several rooms had a half bath also which had a solid door on it. After passing through the bathroom area, the room opened to the main living quarters. We had a King size bed, sofa and table, mini bar and balcony off that. This is probably the smallest room the resort has to offer as far as living space. The selling point for this room is really the room top terrace. Up top you have a private jacuzzi, table and chairs, and Bali bed. This space provides an almost completely private space for you. I say almost completely private as a taller person might be able to see over the barrier in spots or nosey neighbors might be able to look around the barrier by the roof line.

During our tour of the resort, we also had an opportunity to see a one-bedroom suite at the Mirage, a Junior Suite and an Oceanview Suite at the Elegance. The one-bedroom suite was over 1000 sq. feet and included a separate half bath and a separate living quarter. There was also a jacuzzi tub in the room and one on the balcony. The room nicely furnished for the even include a dining table in the living space. This room contained a King size be or two queen beds.

The Junior Suite at the Elegance was similar in size to the Sky View Suite except for having the room top terrace. The room provides a king size bed or 2 double beds. This room would be like a standard resort room.

The Oceanview Suite was by far the largest of the rooms and contained a walk-in closet. It also provided great views of the ocean from the balcony. The rooms offered a king size bed, jacuzzi in the bedroom and separate living space. This room also had the separate bathroom space in the living area.

Common Spaces:

While the Majestic resorts do not provide exchange privileges to the guests for restaurants and bar service, they do have several areas that are shared. They also allow guests to watch the shows at the other resorts. All the resorts share a casino which is located over on the Colonial property, a nightclub called Coco Disco on the Elegance Property and a Kids club which is located between the Elegance and the Colonial. The Colonial and the Elegance also share a beach Gazebo for wedding ceremonies and the Mirage has its own private Gazebo.

The Oasis:

The Mirage has a nice add on for guests staying there. The resort has created two private spaces which are only available to those who purchase the Oasis for the day. By purchasing the Oasis for a day, a couple is intitled to a section of the beach which is for their use only. It also contains a deck with chairs and a table for an oceanside meal. The space includes private lounges, beach beds, and a personal attendant to keep you full stocked all day. You are also provided a facial or foot massage. While the Oasis does cost additional money, the value received is well worth it. You may also upgrade this service to include a special ocean side romantic dinner and even a message.

Overall Impressions:

The Majestic resorts have created three very distinct resorts. The Mirage caters to adults only with over 70% of the room dedicated to adults, but also offers a club level experience for families who want to have the higher end service of having a butler. The resort is very laid back and is perfect for those guests who are looking to get away and relax. The resort did not feel crowded at anytime and the grounds were immaculate. The staff at the resort truly cared about the guests and there was never a time you were not greeted. The Mirage service at the resort was hit and miss. We had a few issues with our room which required managements involvement. The rooms manager, Sasa, was fantastic and made sure the issues was resolved. We were met each day after that by Sasa as well as the General Manger of the resort. While the stay was not perfect, they corrected the situation immediately and continued to follow up throughout the week.

The Elegance was the second resort on property and has just over 50% of the rooms dedicated to adults only. This hotel has the same features as the Mirage but is not an all-suite resort. The Elegance is perfect for families and couples who want a higher level of service and amenities but cannot afford a high-end product.

The Colonial was the first property on site. This resort is Majestics low end property, if there is such a thing. This resort is perfect for families as over 50% of the rooms are dedicated to families. This is also the only resort with connecting rooms. As we traveled the properties, the guests at the resort appeared to be more active and outgoing. This resort had the most energy of the three resorts. The shows at this resort also appeared to cater to children more then the other resorts. This resort was not for someone looking to relax with out a lot of noise.

Couple side notes:

These resorts do not have large open pools where everyone congregates. The pools at this resort runs along the front and back of each of the buildings. The pools are adequate size and are not usually crowded. There are plenty of areas to lay by the pool and on the beach. If you want to get a beach towel or pool towel, make sure to grab one when you see it as they tend to run out.

The shows on the property were decent. They are locally produced and entertaining. But it is important to remember that they are not Broadway productions and should not be judged against that.

The resort does not carry Captain Morgan, so if that is your drink of choice, make sure to buy a bottle in the duty-free shop before leaving the airport.

The seas in this area are a little rough during the winter months. If you want to snorkel plan on taking an excursion which will take you to a calmer area where the fish are. The area is fine for swimming, kayaking and such, just not great for snorkeling. The beach in this area is incredible. The sand is soft and void of rocks. The sea floor in the area is the same way.

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