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Who needs a Travel Agent anyway?

So as I started this journey and thought about what it would mean to be a travel agent/consultant, I had to ask myself, "Self, who needs a travel agent? Everyone just books it through one of the online retailers or the supplier directly. No one uses travel agents anymore. And besides, who wants to pay someone to do something they can do on their own?" Well I could not have been more wrong I my thought processes. And yes, for those of you who know me, mark it down I said I was wrong. As I learn more and more each day, I have come to realize how completely wrong I was. A recent study, revealed that 75% of Americans would use a travel agent to help plan their next vacation.

First and foremost, I want to dispel what I saw as the #1 reason I never used a travel agent: I have to pay for their services. While there are some travel professionals that will charge a fee for their service, at Beyond the Blue Travel we do not believe in charging fees for our service. No that does not mean I do this for free, but instead I get compensated by the suppliers I work with. This does not mean you pay a higher rate for your travel, in fact you might actually be able to find a lower price, but not always. As I speak with clients and prospective clients, I tell them the same thing- Ask. Ask for help with planning, finding, and booking your next great vacation. Ask what a good vacation would be for younger children. Ask about where to go for a romantic getaway with that special someone. I got into this profession to help others find a passion for travel like I have. I am happy to assist anyone at anytime with their travel needs, but my wife would prefer not at 3 AM. As I travel professional, I am not here to book your vacation for you, I am here to book the vacation with you and I love doing it. So why should you use a Travel Agent?

Yep, you heard it here first, I am a real person and so are the thousands of other agents across the world just waiting to help you find that perfect vacation. But, please start with me instead of the thousands of others, I am much taller then they are.😁 I have feelings, most of the time, I have had a thought in my life, and when you call to speak with me, you won't get put on hold for the entire first half of the Vikings game with that wonderful elevator music. Unlike online booking engines, I will actually answer your question or assist with whatever requests you might have. I will spend time getting to know, building trust with you, and working with you to find the perfect vacation and destination for your travel. Unlike a website, I am someone you can get to know and trust. If you have a question I can not answer, I will find the answer.

As part of my host companies family of Home Agents, I have a network of thousands of agents which to draw on for advice on destinations that I have not traveled to yet. As your agent, I know the travel supplier representatives, destination management companies, and on-the-ground personnel to contact before, during and after your travel. I am your advocate while you travel so you can be the tourist, the vacation connoisseur, or the chief relaxation officer you always wanted to be. I work for you, not the travel suppliers. My commission is only received after you have traveled, which means from start to finish you get my best. In some cases, I also have access to charter companies and resort upgrades not available to the average traveler. As a Travel Agent, I have access to suppliers across all different types of travel and know which ones are best for your particular type of travel.

How many times have you been the one responsible for finding and planning your next vacation? I don't have enough hands to raise to answer that one. Whether it was booking a family vacation, and extended family vacation, a girl's weekend for my wife or a mission's trip to Mexico for our church, I have taken on this roll over and over and stressed over every detail. From the countless hours searching for the best deal, the right flights, the best hotel or that excursion that will leave you with memories for a lifetime, every aspect of a vacation adds to the overall experience and enjoy-ability, if that is even a word, of the vacation. By working with a Travel Agent you will save time and money. A study conducted by the American Society for Travel Agents found that travelers who use a travel agent saved an average of $452 and 4 hours of planning time per trip. Rather than spending hours on end searching for your vacation, your one-stop-shop travel agent is able to do it for you. This will reduce the stress and allow you to do what you intended on doing...Relaxing.

Travel planning is more then just finding a flight or booking a hotel room. Travel planning is about creating an experience with loved ones, friends, or colleagues that you talk about for years to come. The passion each and every Travel Agent has for travel and their clients is infectious. For me, working with people to make memories and create special moments in their life is amazing. My full-time job is in a profession that is rarely positive and often times requires someone to have a bad day. As a Travel Agent, I get the opportunity to bring joy and happiness to people in a way that law enforcement never could. In life our destination has been predetermined for us, but the path and journey's we take before we reach that destination is what will last a lifetime for you, your friends and family. Trusting a Travel Agent to help plan those journey's and experiences allows you the opportunity to enjoy every minute of it. If you have never tried booking through a Travel Agent, give it a shot, we might just surprise you.

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