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Sea Day 1: Free....dom to Relax- Trip Report

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Sea Day- Formal Night

Well after a busy yet relaxing embarkment day, Day 2 saw us sailing the beautiful Caribbean Sea with depths over 14,000 feet. While I wish I could say that it was time to sleep in, no way, I can do that when I get back to work. I made it up by 7 and enjoyed a relaxing hour on our balcony writing my update. Then it was off to more adventures.

Headed down to the Promenade alittle after 8 and found it very peaceful. Crowd was light and had no problem getting the DW a Hot Chocolate from the Cafe Espresso. After delivering room service for my DW it was up to Windjammer for breakfast around 9ish. Windjammer was busy, but I took my food back the stateroom so no big deal. The selection of food was fantastic. There was something for everyone waffles, pancakes, eggs, and all sorts of stuff that do not look like breakfast to me. But if you cant find something you like with the selection then you are most likely against breakfast.

After breakfast we go together with my brother and his wife and discussed the game plan.we decided to wonder up to the flowrider to witness some wicked wideouts. While many did well some certainly should have stayed in bed. I know my limits, for now, and like staying in the stands. After some time baking in the sun there it was off to the sun deck to bake some more. Being from Minnesota this was not going to take long. From bright white to bright red in no time. So while the other burnt, I took a stroll around the ship. 

I found the interior of the ship was mostly quiet and most of the people were on deck at the pools. After watching part of the sexiest man in the world competition (which my DW said I did not need to watch as I already owned the title. I think she was being sarcastic), we headed for lunch at Sorrentos. Got there around 130 and the line was pretty long. Took 10 to 15 min to get a few slices. Little disappointed with the coke machine in this area. One did not work and the other had a very limited selection. Oh well.

We went back to the rooms for a little rest before the ladies got ready for formal night. My brother and I went the Schooner bar for the week long Scavenger Hunt but no one showed🤔. Was this the Scavenger Hunt?

So it was off to a cutthroat game of mini golf. I clearly had the advantage. Putt with the ships roll. I hit a hole in one on the first two holes and that was it. He never had a chance. We then scurried back to the stateroom and got ready ourselves.

We had dinner in the MDR for formal night. As has been the case so far, Dennis has been a character. He made animal noise towards my food this evening. And since I ordered the Beef Tenderloin and Duck it was quite comical. Had the Seafood Vol-au-vent for an appetizer, Beef Tenderloin and Duck A l Orange for main course. I did not order dessert as I am still watching my figure. If you like steak and don't try the Tenderloin you will regret it. It was fantastic. This was my first go around with duck. For the first time around, not too bad.

After supper, we stopped for a few photo ops and then to the Arcadia Theater for Marquee. The production was well performed and entertaining. But by the end, I was ready for bed. So back to the room to turn in early before a big day in Curacao.

Upon arriving at the room, this guy way waiting for us.

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