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Pre-Cruise Festivities- Harmony of the Seas

After months and months of anticipation, the day if finally here. Today we pack up the car and head to our hotel just outside of MSP. I would like to say the day started out like any other day, but in my world there is no normal day and no matter what something always goes sideways. So for those of you who have not traveled with me, I am very particular when it come to packing and being prepared for travel. I am not what you call a spontaneous person who is willing to go with the flow. So when I tell you I pack and repack and repack multiple time over several months I mean it. However on this trip, yep not so much. I maybe got about half my stuff packed once before Friday. So to say there was a lot to do in a short period of time was an understatement.

So the day started at 5 am, not with packing, but with vacation planning. As a Travel Consultant, I love nothing more then working with clients and potential clients to help plan their perfect vacation. So 5 am it is. On the agenda for today was a birthday vacation and a honeymoon. After completing several phone calls with my potential clients and narrowing down what the best options were for them, I completed the quotes and was ready to relax. It was now 3:30 pm and still needed to pack. Luckily I was already half packed. So I though a little of this in my suitcase and a little of that. I made sure Madison was good to go on her luggage and packing. Wallah- 4:00 pm and everything was ready to go. Now it was time to weigh the bags. No Problem- 49.7 lbs each. This is not going to work. Time to unpack and repack with less clothes. After a few minor adjustments, both bags came in well under 50 lbs. Now I have room for lots of souvenirs.

5:00 pm rolled around and it was vacation time. After loading up the car, it was off to an old friend, the Courtyard by Marriott Bloomington. This was the same hotel we stayed at prior to our cruise with my brother and his wife last year. Upon arriving at the hotel, we quickly checked in and dropped our luggage at the room. The front desk staff was very helpful. They even offered us an upgrade to a king bed room. While it was nice a nice gesture, not getting a one bed room with my teenage daughter. Hotel was clean and well kept. The room was nothing fancy but we did not need it to be as we were going to be there less then 12 hours.

After dropping our bags in the room, it was off to the Mall of America for supper with the rest of the family. We had to hurry as Forrest Gump was impatiently texting me about our reservation. Had a wonderful supper with Danielle and the boys. Tyler did a little shopping and of course, I broke from my diet and found some ice cream. I can tell this is going to be a problem already. After a little dessert, Danielle and the boys dropped us back off at the hotel and it was off to write this posting, communicate with some clients, and research more travel. You did not honestly think I was going to say it was off to bed did you. Who needs sleep? Well off to bed. Tomorrow Day 2 of the pre-cruise Orlando and Coco Beach, Florida before we set sail.

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