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St. Kitts & Nevis: Free...dom to Relax- Trip Report

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Good morning from the island of St. Kitts. Once again we woke up to a beautiful day. Plan of attack for the day is a tour with Greg's Safari that will include the "Valley of the Giants Rain forest Hike and tour of Romney Manor and the Batik Factory."

Once we arrived in port, we were met outside the gates by our tour guide Racine. Before we met with Racine, my DW for a little time to monkey around. Be aware if you take photos with the monkeys it will run you about $10. They are also particular about you taking photos of the monkeys with out paying.

Once Racine arrive, he was a little late, we were set to go. It was a small group, just the four of us, which was unique as the usually require 5 people for the tour. We agreed to pay for the 5th person so we could go on the tour and did not mind the small group. We found this to be well worth it.

We traveled along the coast to Romney Manor. During the drive Racine gave us a brief history of the island and some of the culture. Glad I did not rent a car on this island. I am not sure which island was worse St. Kitts or Curacao for street markings. They also drive on the left side of the road. Once we arrived at Romney Manor,  we were provided with walking sticks, which definitely came in handy later and of we went. Through out the course of the hike, Racine stopped to explain the plants, fruits, and general characteristics of the Rain forest. The trees in the rain forest were enormous.

The best part was no bugs to speak if or snakes. Not a single snake on the island. Although the monkeys are projected to out number the people 3 to 1. As we got toward the end of the hike we were given the option to forge ahead or turn around for some tasty treats. Well like any uninformed person of course forge ahead. Well it turned out to be more forge up not ahead. Oops. Was quite the little climb to the top, but we all made it in one piece.

Once the hike was done, it was back to our jeep where Racine made quite the snack of local foods and fresh fruit. There was Soursop Fruit, sugar cane, rock bread, grapefruit, some kind of fudge, guava cheese, and another sweet bar/ candy. Just don't remember what it was called.

We then traveled up to the Batik Factory for a short demonstration and some shopping. Very cool process and products that they produce. Picked up some Hot plate holders while there, also spoke with one of the workers who discussed her first experience in the US with us. Let's just say she was left with a lasting impression as two squad cars full of Boston police stopped her on the street after she talked to a local.

Once done at the Batik Factory, we headed back to port. We picked up a few stragglers on the way. Two other couples from Minnesota and Wisconsin who were looking for Rum. We gave them a ride to the store and away we went back to the port. The ride back was pretty smooth until a bee decided to tangle with my arm. While he might have one the battle I won the war.

Once back at the port, we spent sometime shopping through the local stores. Found some really nice hand painted Christmas ornaments. We did not buy one as our cat is a jerk and would most likely break it but my brother got one.

After wondering the market for bit, it was back to the ship to clean up for the second formal night. Upon arriving back at the room, I learned our cabin steward deserves everything he gets. I found my shorts and underwear folded nicely in bathroom. My group said he deserves more then too. Not sure what that means but oh well.

Dinner as usual was fantastic. I can not say enough about these guys- Dennis, Royston and Placid. They have been great. If you have My Time Dining they to get into their section. We sat at table 319. Took photos with the wait staff while dressed all nice and pretty. As we looked at the photos, my group asked where Royston was. He was busy getting dessert and missed the group photo. Then finally someone asks, wheres Paul. Apparently I got cut out of one of the photos.🤔 Not sure what that means.

Tonight was also lobster night. So what do you order on lobster night. PASTA. I ordered the Cheese Tortellini and the lobster. Both were excellent. Finally ordered a dessert as well Baked Alaska. Was very good.

After supper we headed off for a mean game of mini golf, couples style. We lost. No more needs to be said. Then it was off to a comedy show and pizza on the balcony. We watched as we met two other ships on our journey. Then off to bed before our last day of the cruise😭😭😭.

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