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Sea Day 2: Free...dom to Relax- Trip Report

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Time to relax. After a very busy and bone jarring day in Aruba it is time to rest and relax. While I totally recommend the Island Ultimate tour, this morning was rough, everything hurt. After a dose of Advil, I set to go.

So after sleeping in until almost 10 am, I got up and took my time getting ready for the day. DW and I sat on our balcony with my brother and his wife, we have rooms next to each other and had the balconies opened up to one another, and simply relax. We discussed a plan of attack for the day and decided lunch would be at Johnny Rockets.

So off we went to lunch. Upon arriving we learned what the restaurant offered. For those wondering, if you eat at Johnny Rockets the milk shake is included if you have the refreshment package. We also learned you only pay a cover charge and can have whatever you want and how ever much you want of items in the menu. They started us out with a large plate of fries and onion rings. I ordered the Smokehouse Burger and the Chicken Bacon Melt as well as the Cheesy Bacon Fries. Don't worry I shared. I found both of the sandwiches to be very tasty but the fries were a little bland. Which is hard when you add bacon to it. In the end cost the DW and I $28 with an extra tip but more the worth it. Initial cover charge with tip was around $11.74. 

After lunch it was off to the belly flop competition. I decided it would be a bad idea to to flop on a very full stomach. There were only 6 contenders. Some were great, some were a flop. The competition only last 30 min or so so then it was off the change in the rooms. My DW, brother, and sister in law were heading to the deck to sunbath and I was heading to explore.

I decided to try my hand at rock climbing. So I suited up and gave it a shot. As someone who really hates heights, this was probably a bad idea. Off I went up the wall, I made it to the bell on the first attempt. Grant it, it was the lower bell but I got there and moved beyond. Got a ways up and then got stuck and down I came. Once back at the bottom, the worked advised when you go down don't pull on the rope first just fall back and that I was climbing the hardest wall. Oh yippie, first time ever and I get the hardest wall and break the cardinal rule and pull on the chord. Well I didn't completely fall, I didn't get hurt, and I am going to make it up the entire stupid wall yet.

After that I figured a deserved a treat. So I got a Lava Flow at the recommendation of Wilson. Definitely enjoyed that ad had a few more throughout the day. After watching some dodge ball and Flow rider surfers, it was time for supper.

Lava Flow- Non-Alcoholic Must Have

 We ate in the MDR again. The food as usual was good and the service was excellent. Dennis, Royston, and Placid really make eating here fun and enjoyable. I order the Asian Style Pork Taco, Garlic Tiger Shrimp and Chicken Parmigiana. All of them we excellent.

After supper we enjoyed the last half of the Avengers Infinity War on the big screen before taking in the main show in the Arcadia Theater The Great Debois. It was interesting to learn their history and that they performed on the Greatest Showman. After the show, I retired to my stateroom and my DW and the others hit the hit tube. 

Next stop St. Kitts and Nevis.

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