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Ultimate Aruba: Free...dom to Relax- Trip Report

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Good morning from Aruba. On tap for today the Island Ultimate tour through ABC tours. Booked this ahead of time for around $115 a person. We were met at the pier by a representative from ABC Tours. We some how managed to beat him out of the port area and miss him.

Headed out to ABC tours main office once we connected to start the adventure. I will tell you right now, this tour is not for the faint of heart. It will move you, it will shack you and it with thoroughly entertain you. But you may need a steady dose of Advil and a Chiropractor the next day. This tour was worth every penny and then some. Our guides Andrew, Abraham, and Hugo were great.

We started out heading north towards the lighthouse. We traveled the coast stopping at various sites along the way. First stop was the Ayo Rock formation. Had a great time climbing in and out of the rocks, sliding down then and jumping on them. Well trying to jump on them had a little mishap the first stop. But I got it cleaned up and away we went.

This is the shot from the rock I tango with. Worth it.

Then it was off to the Gold Mill Ruins. Very interesting place. The story behind the ruins was amazing.

After the ruins we stopped at the Baby Natural Bridge for a photo op and then continued up the coast. I should have mentioned we were traveling in an open aired Range Rover over very sketchy ground. Definitely needed a 4 wheel off road vehicle.

The tour then took us to the Alto Vista Chapel and the Lighthouse. After that our driver, Abraham, advised what we had experienced was just a warm up. Not sure what that meant, but we were ready to see. 

We headed back to their home base for lunch before heading back out in the trail. Lunch was goo. BBQ chicken, rice, beans, and coleslaw. You could upgrade for an additional price.

Our next stop was the Natural Pool. After the heat and the drive, the Natural Pool hit the spot. Took a dip in the pool and did some rock jumping into the pool before we headed to Baby Beach.

Once at Baby Beach did some snorkeling and had a great time. Plenty of fish to see and things to experience. Spent about an hour or so there before we headed out. Then it was back to the port for some shopping.

The tour lasted over 8 1/2 hours. Was well worth it. Spent sometime shopping around the port before we headed back to the ship. Once back on the boat I headed to our balcony for a view of the sunset.

We ate in the MDR again tonight for Caribbean Night. Food was good, but not quite like it had been. I ordered the crab cakes and New York Strip. 

We then headed to Studio B for the show. Show was decent but I was way to tired to enjoy it. I have realized I am clearly not a young as I used to be.

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